School center and nursery
Louvres, France - 2015


City of Louvres

4691 m2

Kindergarten, elementary school and daycare center for toddlers

A covered courtyard in the rue des Arpents forms the entrance to the school complex and the daycare center. The reception area of the daycare center is directly accessible from the esplanade and visible from the director’s office. The school is accessible by means of a monumental exterior staircase which can be closed outside opening hours. The building volume’s design is optimized to guarantee a maximum of natural light in the classrooms throughout the year. Particular attention is paid to the design of the hallways and corridors, as these are to serve as a place for socializing and exchange outside the classroom.
The kindergarten on the 1st floor is articulated around the schoolyard and playground. All classrooms have direct access to the yard and are oriented to the south and east. The various workshops and rest rooms are located north.
The elementary school with its external areas is located on the 2nd floor and forms a loop around the playground of the kindergarten. All classrooms have views on the schoolyard.
The two sports halls occupy a strategic position between the school complex and the public space.