Butterfly Bridge
Copenhagen, Denmark - 2015

Client Københavns Kommune
Surface 26 m2
Building costs 4.7 M Euro
Competition 2009
Start of Planning 07 | 2009
Start of Construction 03 | 2012
Completion 01 | 2015

Bridges are places that offer new perspectives on the city, spectacular views of the water that reveal the cityscape. The bridges are elements that are part of the urban landscape in a natural way. Through their simplicities, they form a contrast with the monumental buildings. The bridges designated for pedestrians and cyclists offer a maximum of transparency and lightness.
The very specific situation demands an original form for this foot- and cycle bridge: Three decks connect the different banks. Fixed on a common platform, apron fixed the other two openings for passing sailboats. When both doors are open at the same time, they form a butterfly, a beautiful figure, which is spectacular for its size.
The link across Christianshavns Kanal and Trangraven is designed as three linear bridge spans that meet above the water’s surface in a star shape. The canal bridge design is adapted to the individual canal scenario.
Two of the spans can be opened independently of each other. When the moving spans are up they serve as barriers which means that the bridge always functions to and from Islands Plads.
The main structure of the steel bridge consists of a single-web, continuous T-beam. The beam web, which extends over the entire bridge, is built of a trapezoidal, for reasons of corrosion protection hermetically welded hollow section. The bridge deck is composed of an orthogonal anisotropic plate construction.

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