Museums footbridge
Hamburg, Germany - 2007

Client Hafencity Hamburg
Building costs 0.9 M Euro
Start of Planning 12 | 2004
Start of Construction 04 | 2006
Completion 06 | 2007

The Historical Museum in Kaispeicher B with the Peter Tall collection documents the history of seafaring. It is cut off by Brooktorhafen from the city center. The new pedestrian bridge provides a connection between the museum and the center of the Hafencity. Two main directions determine the location and form of the footbridge: The axis of the passage through the former warehouse (access to the museum) and the edge of the opposite bank of the harbour basin. These two axes meet, form an angle and follow these two directions.
This boxgirder-steelbridge whose cross-section is shaped in accordance with the forces going through, touches on both sides on the edge. The bridge is to the middle point inflated. The footpath extends to the middle point; the result is that a spacious bridge area is created. The change of direction in the center and the minimal form represent a technical challenge to the structure. The bridge bearing are built into the quay walls. That over the buckling transferred torsional moment is removed through the subterranean foundation in the area of the park. This gives the bridge a "magical" power. The box girder is lined with welded steel plates. The railings are made of horizontal tensioned steel cables. The compactness of the box-profiled pedestrian bridge evokes with its clean lines, the association of a ship's hull - a picture that focus on the thematic points of the museum.

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