Mobil and fix foot- and cycle bridge
Willebroek, Belgium - 2011

Client Waterwegen en Zeekanaal NV
Building costs 3.1 M Euro
Competition 2007
Start of Planning 2008
Start of Construction 10 | 2010
Completion 12 | 2012

3.50 | 66.75m Mobile
3.50 | 33.00m Fix

The project's focus lies on the integration of the two footbridges one fix and the other one flexible into the sites exceptional landscape. The structural fineness and elegance characterize the bridges, which are open for pedestrians and cyclists. A transparent appearance is achieved by a cautious selection of materials and elements, to insure a soft embedding into the river bed, respectively the canal. All structural elements are under the deck. The handrails on each bridge are fabricated in the same way, creating even more continuity between the two crossings.
The structures of the two bridges are made out of painted steel, while the oak deck consists of panels of 100mm x 50mm thickness. The handrail is made out of wood, fixed on a plate painted double column and completed with a net in inox.

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