BMW Event and delivery center
Munich, Germany - 2001



55000 m2

The overall form of the building is that of a dynamic wave with an accent on the Forum. the roof is the main functional and formal design feature, uniting technology, dynamics and aesthetics. Echoing the rectangualr pattern that structures the site, the building faces the BMW Tower, the Museum and the factory premises. While in phase 2 the overall concept was maintained, the internal structure has been further developed. In addition, a new entrance solution has been developed in which the forecourt slopes toward the entrance. The cantilevered roof protrudes from the body shell, thus protecting the main entrances.

The Olympic Park's ground modulation has been continued up to the buildings's west facade. Structurally the "wave" form has been chieved by the use of a suspended cable with a span of approx. 80 m and a curvilinear cantilevered beam with a 25 m span. The slope of the forecourt continues inside "gardens of the five continents" that symbolize the worldwide BMW network subdivide the overall volume. The Hall and BMW-Premiere are connected to each other by means of footbridges and passerelles. The brightness of the light means to evoke the experience in a sunlit forest interspersed with clearings.