School center Bilger Breustedt
Taufkirchen-an-der-Pram, Austria - 2009

Client Community Taufkirchen-an-der-Pram
Surface 5152 m2
Building costs 11.86 M Euro
Competition 05 | 2006
Start of Planning 06 | 2006
Start of Construction 03 | 2007
Completion 01 | 2009

The Bilger Breustedt Elementary and Secondary school is open to nature with bright, sunny and spacious classrooms, and well-defined and readable outdoor function areas.

The secondary school

From the outside, the school is accessible via the foyer. All classes are orientated to the south and the Pram river. The cantilever of the roof and the presence of continuous balconies on each floor allow the screening of sunlight in summer. The facade can be opened by full high sliding windows generously, creating a strong sense of communication with the outdoor space. Art rooms and work rooms for physics and the school kitchen are oriented to the north and generously exposed.

Primary school

A special typology was developed for the primary school:
The extensive ground floor structure is exposed in the center of a transparent roofed atrium, which also serves as a thermal buffer space. In this area there are the rooms for teachers and staff. The classes are oriented to the south and to the west. An overhanging canopy shields the sun in summer.
A sweeping and extensive terrace allows the use of outdoor classes. The full-height sliding doors of the classes can be generously opened. The terraces are located above the flood area of the Pram river.

The Gym
From the central foyer can be reached via the lift or the stairs the gym and the locker rooms in the basement. This access makes external use for clubs and users possible. From the outside, activities can be viewed.
The gym is exposed on the north facade glare-free and benefits of natural lightning. Built to 100 % in wood, the
gym creates a pleasant atmosphere for all

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